It's no surprise that The Maine Highlands region has a national reputation when it comes to camping. Few other places in the East can offer the kind of wilderness opportunities that exist in The Maine Highlands. Hundreds of thousands of acres of the North Woods remain undeveloped, providing outdoor enthusiasts with a vast playground of mountains and lakes, rivers and forest. Camping is a long and beloved tradition here.

Of course, wilderness camping is a term that means many things to many people. Some think of a resort campground where they can park their RV. Others picture a remote site where they can drop their backpack and pitch a tent. Still others imagine a sporting camp, where they can enjoy a week by a lake in an old cabin. In The Maine Highlands you can find the best of all these worlds.

The options are numerous and vary widely, from the shores of a lake to the tall peaks of the mountains. Baxter State Park is internationally known as a 205,000-acre natural wonderland of “forever wild” mountains and lakes, and it's dearly beloved by hikers. Likewise, the Allagash Wilderness Waterway is a world-famous canoeing destination where you can paddle for days, camp by lakes and rivers at night, and see more moose than people.

Many other state-owned parks are filled with fine campsites and are great bases for exploring wild areas nearby. The Appalachian Trail runs for 281 miles through Maine, including truly wild stretches like the 100-Mile Wilderness, where backpackers find solitude in deeply forested and mountainous areas.

Then throw in the 3.5 million acres of timberlands managed by North Maine Woods, Inc., and hundreds of commercial campgrounds, and you have more possibilities than you could exhaust in a decade. Talk about happy campers.

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