New Maine Adventures Await!

Whether you are looking to stroll through a small, rural Maine town or enjoy a night out in downtown Bangor, The Maine Highlands offers something for everyone.

Golfing in The Maine Highlands

A visit to The Maine Highlands offers multiple options for those who want to hit the links.

Baxter State Park

Baxter State Park was established in 1931 and covers 200,000 acres in Piscataquis County. The park was a gift to the people of Maine from Governor Percival P. Baxter.

Lumbering in Maine

Logging in Maine began in the early 1600’s when English explores first cut trees on Monhegan Island.

Mt. Kineo State Park

Mount Kineo is an 800 foot mountain of rhyolite that rises dramatically from the deepest portion of Moosehead Lake. This was a location known well to the Native Americans who traveled great distances to Kineo for the hard rock with flint-like qualities that was used for tools and arrowheads.

ATV Adventures

Maine has 6,000 miles--and growing--of designated ATV trails with the longest interconnected ATV trail system in the country, presenting endless day-long and multi-day excursions.

Dog Sledding Adventures & Tours

Imagine bounding across the frozen expanse of a remote lake surrounded by mountain peaks clad in evergreens, holding tight to the reins of your dog team as they drive your sled forward through the deep snow on a fast run.

Fall Foliage

As fall approaches, the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder. And our trees turn glorious shades of red, yellow, and orange.

Penobscot River

Another one of the state of Maine superlatives boasted by The Maine Highlands is the Penobscot River, the longest river in the state.


Maine’s shining gem, Katahdin, is and will always be one of Maine’s proudest sights. Maine’s highest mountain peaks at nearly a mile (5,267 feet or 1,606 m) and was formed by underground magma.

Moosehead Lake

Looking for a lakeside adventure? Come visit to largest lake in Maine!

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Places to Visit

Explore Maine’s hidden gems from the wilderness of the Katahdin Area and the bustling Greater Bangor, to the serene Lincoln Lakes and Southern Piscataquis’ outdoor adventures. Discover Moosehead Lake’s vast beauty and Sebasticook Valley’s recreational haven.