8 Ways to Get on the Water in The Maine Highlands

Explore Maine's aquatic wonders in The Maine Highlands! From fly fishing the Penobscot to whitewater rafting to a historic steamboat ride, find your perfect water adventure.

Adventure Awaits

Looking for an adventure? A new experience? Look at The Maine Highlands region and you may be surprised at what you find.

Baxter State Park

Baxter State Park was established in 1931 and covers 200,000 acres in Piscataquis County. The park was a gift to the people of Maine from Governor Percival P. Baxter.

Discover the Beauty of Waterfalls in The Maine Highlands

While most of the waterfalls in The Maine Highlands region are tucked away in remote locations, many of them are also very accessible.


The great fun about geocaching in Maine is the sheer variety of environments where the caches are placed, from nooks and crannies in the rocks on the coast and craggy mountaintops to forests, fields and city parks.

Gulf Hagas

Discover Gulf Hagas in the Katahdin Iron Works Forest, Maine's "Grand Canyon." This 3-mile long gorge, carved through slate, features an 8-mile trek with waterfalls and swimming holes. Perfect for experienced hikers, it’s a must-see on your Maine Highlands itinerary.

Hidden in the Maine Highlands

You may have heard about geocaching but not yet participated in this international game of hide and seek.


Maine’s shining gem, Katahdin, is and will always be one of Maine’s proudest sights. Maine’s highest mountain peaks at nearly a mile (5,267 feet or 1,606 m) and was formed by underground magma.

Maine Highlands Bucket List

Do you love adventure? Then we have a fabulous bucket list for you to tackle! The Maine Highlands is home to some of the best outdoor opportunities in New England, including Maine's tallest peak, largest lake, and a world-class trail system. See how many things you can cross off your bucket list this year...

Maine’s Premier State Parks & Wilderness Areas

Explore Maine's natural beauty through its state parks and reserves. From the rugged wilderness of Baxter State Park and Katahdin Woods to the serene waters of Lily Bay and Peaks-Kenney State Parks. Enjoy hiking, camping, paddling, and wildlife in these preserved lands.

Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit

Six Epic Mountains to hike in the Moosehead Lake Region -Big Moose, Borestone, Eagle Rock, Mount Kineo, Number Four, and White Cap.

Mount Kineo

The prospect of driving or biking through obscure, unique and sometimes downright quirky towns in Maine, has always been something I look forward to when planning any outdoor trip.

Mt. Kineo State Park

Mount Kineo is an 800 foot mountain of rhyolite that rises dramatically from the deepest portion of Moosehead Lake. This was a location known well to the Native Americans who traveled great distances to Kineo for the hard rock with flint-like qualities that was used for tools and arrowheads.

Rail Trails

A rail trail is an old, unused railway that has been converted into a multi-use path. These abandoned railways are typically flat and long—perfect for walking, cycling, and horseback riding in the warmer months and cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter months. Some trails allow for ATVs and snowmobiles.